New Online Casinos in India 2022

Currently, we are witnessing a real gambling boom on the Internet. The number of new casino sites is increasing every day. Thus, gamblers need only choose the best option, which is not easy given the number of alternatives.  Our review will help choose the best new online casino.

Pros and Cons of New Online Casinos

Before we examine the pros and cons of new slot sites, we need to understand what is a new casino? The question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Is a casino that opened a month ago new? Obviously, yes. But what about three months ago, six months ago, a year ago? The deciding factor here is not the term of operation but whether the casino has a history. Any casino that hasn’t yet gained a reputation among the players, be it positive or negative, can be considered new.

Usually, an actively developing website gains a reputation within the first two years of operation. Of course, such a casino would be still considered young compared to the giants that have been operating for 10 years or more, but it would also be wrong to call it a new online casino in India.

Why are people looking for new casinos when there are so many time-tested portals with impeccable reputations? This choice has its own list of advantages, which is worth exploring in detail. Perhaps, having familiarized yourself with the advantages of new gambling sites, you will want to register a new account right there.

Let’s start with the disadvantages, as they are more obvious. Playing for money always implies that you provide your personal data and payment details to essentially unknown parties. Why are you not afraid to do this, for example, when shopping online? Because merchants with years of experience have exactly what new casino India does not possess – the reputation.

Finding a casino with a long history, numerous feedbacks, and positive expert reviews, you can almost be confident that the key to your finances and personal data will never fall into wrong hands. But it is impossible to speak about new casinos with the same confidence.

Of course, the existence of a license promises fairness, however, as experience has shown, it is not very difficult to obtain a license document in Curacao.

The second significant drawback is the lack of a casino’s history. It may seem strange but dark spots are better than bright ones. An unpleasant past is a definite marker of not getting involved with a casino. But what if the casino’s history is nothing but one white spot?

An equally unpleasant point to note is that the new casino websites have not yet had time to attract the attention of the experts. To get any information about the casino, working for a decade (or even more than one), just enter its name into the search engine – and you will find a lot of detailed and objective reviews indicating all the advantages and disadvantages. What will Google show you when you ask about a brand new online casino? Only that such a website exists in fact.

You are not yet completely frightened of the disadvantages, are you? Well, then let’s move on to the advantages, which are also there. The main and obvious advantage of the new casino is that it is… new! Surprising, isn’t it? But come to think of it, after all, don’t we come to online gambling for a new experience and new impressions? New online casinos will provide us with this new experience to the fullest extent, there is no doubt about it. Will this experience be positive? Those who do not want to take a risk, do not play in a casino.

The new casino is ready to surprise with:

  • new promotions;
  • unique bonuses;
  • the new principle of promotion within the rating of the loyalty rewards system;
  • unusual design as this is also important.

Another important advantage of new Indian online casino is that if the establishment has entered the world of big gambling with a serious approach and intention to last (at least, it counts on it), it is ready to go to great lengths in order to attract new players and earn a great reputation. This provides every reason to hope for especially lucrative bonuses, ” yummy” gifts, and exciting tournaments.

And most likely, the new casinos will try to collect the best games and slots from the most famous manufacturers under their virtual roof. Many of them are even ready to order exclusive games for themselves that will not be found in any other establishment.

How to Find the Best New Casino Sites?

When searching for the best casino, we are used to rely on forum discussions, online reviews, and detailed reports. But if we are talking about new online casinos 2021, this method is not suitable and you have to act entirely at your own risk.

New casinos can be found in the list of portals that have a filter for new websites or sorting by date of opening. After that, you can proceed to study new casino websites.

It is impossible to list all new online casinos, we will only point out what criteria are recommended to pay attention to:

  1. License. The casino should have a license to be eligible to provide gambling services, and this license must be valid in India. Actually, the existence of a license does not give a full guarantee of fairness but its absence is a reason to immediately and decisively slam the door of the casino and never come back there. India does not issue licenses for gambling activities, the gambling portals are licensed by Curacao, Malta, less often – by Great Britain and Gibraltar (although it is technically a part of the British state, nevertheless it has a special legal status).
  2. Games. Obviously, the main thing that we come to a gambling website for is the games. You should not look at the total number of game products, you’re not really going to play thousands of them – one life won’t be enough for that. It’s better to look at the manufacturers that the relevant platform cooperates with: the developers are just as careful with their reputation, and won’t deal with just anyone.
  3. Payment methods and currency. When it comes to gambling, the financial aspect is very important. If the list of payment methods does not include those options that you are comfortable using, then most likely you will have to spend extra money for the conversion. And if you are accustomed to carrying out all settlements, for example, in Indian rupees, you are unlikely to be pleased with its absence in the list of available currencies. Also, please note that the terms of use of different payment methods in different casinos vary. You can always find an establishment where there is no commission for using your preferred method, and it even offers additional bonuses!
  4. Technical support and feedback. Be sure to find out if support is available 24/7, whether online feedback is available, how responsive the support desk is, and if the experts literally speak the same language as you do. In many casinos, you can contact support even without registering. It is recommended to request license data and compare it to what is available in public sources.
  5. Opposing gambling addiction. At first glance, “casinos against gambling addiction” sounds almost like “bees against honey”. But in fact, it is the casino that is interested in gamblers who maintain the “active player” status as long as possible. Pay attention to whether the clock is available on the website, whether it’s convenient to keep track of time. Whether there is a possibility to set reminders when the game time is overdue.

As you can see, the process of choosing the new online casino 2021 can be no less exciting than the game itself.

Are New Casino Sites Safe and Secure?

Security is certainly the main requirement for new casino sites India, so let’s go into it in more detail. So, we have already discussed the issue of the license and mentioned that the license could be issued by different states. You can already tell a lot about the reliability and safety of a new online casino in India by the authority that issued the license.

British or Maltese licenses are the most reliable and trustworthy. At the same time, a license issued by the regulator of Costa Rica or Belize is a reason to be cautious. It is certainly better than no document at all but if a casino with such a license cannot claim to have two or three years of flawless operation, it is better to look for adventure in another place.

It is also possible (and even necessary) to pay attention to who owns the casino. For this purpose, go to the website and then down to the “basement” –  the footer of the webpage. There should be information about the owner and operator. Are no such data available? Feel free to close the page and never come back.

But if there is information about the owner, you can extract a lot of useful information from it. It is a fact that one operator usually opens several casinos. If the portal is new but belongs to a certain operator that has already had several successful establishments, it’s a good reason to spend your time and money here.

On the contrary, if the owner has nothing in its assets, except for one single casino, or has several similar establishments with no history, it is better to ignore this portal for the time being.


To summarize, new online casino sites bring hope for new experiences, new games, new bonuses, new design – and of course, in many ways this is true. However, for a new casino to bring new joy rather than trouble, you have to be extra cautious.

Having chosen the most suitable gambling establishment, you can plunge into a world of excitement and adventure. Almost every new casino has an adaptive mobile version, which enables gamblers to enjoy their favorite entertainment not only on the PC but also on a laptop or smartphone.